Friday, January 7

30-Day Relationship Challenge

Did you know that researcher and therapist John Gottman noted that relationships are strengthened when couples engage in 5 positive interactions for every 1 negative interaction? With that being said, a 30-day relationship challenge is just what any relationship needs to renew and refresh the love. 

save your marriage


  • Download and print the relationship challenge and put it in a spot where your partner won't see it. The surprise is the fun part! 
  • Each week set aside a few minutes to plan and prepare the relationship tasks you want to do. You can go in any order.
    • Planning tip mark the box with a heart or start when you have completed it! This will make planning easier! 

You may also be interested in my pre-made love notes you can download for free here. The post also lists places you could leave the love notes, and there is plenty to leave one note from February 1st through 14th and still have some left over for other occasions. 

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  1. Omg, i absolutely love this i am printing this right now !!


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